I am a practicing, Australian, green eclectic witch of over 30 years. I collect rainwater for soap making and craft into crystal elixirs, moon and storm waters, infusions and decoctions. I harvest herbs from my garden according to moon phases for particular intentions and wild harvest wherever possible. Some more exotic ingredients such as resins are sourced elsewhere.

Upon becoming a mother years ago, I found my baby daughter to be very allergic to most soaps and washes. Here began my journey to soap making, I keep it as natural as possible for those with finicky skin to be able to still enjoy some beautiful bath time luxury.
Some of the luxurious ingredients added to the Deluxe range (and others) include; Cocoa butter, Cacao nibs, Shea butter, Raw silk fibers, Raw honey, Clay, Herbal infused oils, Himalayan pink salt and more.

All of my body products are vegetarian friendly, with a large quantity also being vegan friendly. I use separate tools and moulds for my vegan products. Feathers used in smudging fans and jewelry are wild crafted (found), no bird is ever harmed or plucked.